MAY 4 - June 7


Filo Sofi Arts is pleased to announce RITUAL IN PAIRING, the latest body of work by world-renowned fine art finger-painter IRIS SCOTT, featuring a series of large-scale paintings, assemblage sculptures, and wearable art.

Opening on Saturday, May 4th at the High Line Nine, the exhibition serves as a celebration of nature's unequivocal beauty, as well as an exploration of behavioral instinct, the laws of attraction, and the process through which human beings construct their own identities from their surrounding environment. Curated by Gabrielle Aruta, the solo exhibition will also feature an interactive performance piece on Friday, May 17th that finds the artist "peacocking" for viewers in a larger-than-life spectacle about evolution, self-expression, and re-adaptation of the past to envision the best possible future.

Switching out paint-brushes and palette knives for latex gloves, Iris Scott has garnered worldwide acclaim for spearheading the Instinctualist movement. By drawing on primal instincts from which conceptual art has broken, she forged an intimate, highly tactile bond with her medium and developed an innovative approach to finger-painting, elevating the artform from mere "child's play" into a formidable creative discipline. For the paintings of RITUAL IN PAIRING, she incorporates an additional collaging process, repurposing remnants of previous works into the canvas to composite a new whole. Utilizing as many as 100 different pigments within one piece, she imbues her work with energized bursts of locomotion, manipulating frosting-thick globs of oil paint across her canvas.

Through a multidisciplinary showcase of lush colorscapes, the exhibition continues the artist's investigation into "intensification of the recognizable" while musing on the concept of self-actualization and the complex relationship between humanity and the natural world. Here, the tiger, the deer, the peacock, and the octopus are all pieces of a grand tapestry from which we might begin to collage a fuller picture of our shared environments.

Adding another layer to the visual elements is a performance piece that presents a commanding, towering textile work embodying the conceptual core of the show. “Peacocking” for audiences in a nine foot gown composed of paintings, the artist offers herself in an open request to imagine with her what is possible when we return to relish in nature’s joyful beauty.

RITUAL IN PAIRING will be on view through June 7th. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10am-6pm and by private appointment.


Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.