MARCH 1ST - APRIL 29TH, 2018


Artist Iris Scott makes New York debut in armory week solo show


“THE DOOR IS AJAR, MIND THE CAT” brings color and levity to the art-world's serious problems

Iris Scott has pioneered the technique of finger-painting elaborate and lushly detailed works that depict the mundane beauty of everyday life in vibrant and unexpected colors.


Her work challenges the art-world to reconsider its emphasis on abstract, concept-heavy fair and rediscover the surprising wealth of meaning conveyed by our encounters with animals and the landscape when approached with the hands-on verve Scott brings to her craft.


Scott paints at the forefront of the Instinctualist movement, which offers an intentional visual break from the somber approach of painters who dwell on the misery and discontent of the Modern world in favor of a vision that relishes restorative and nourishing power of contemplating our visceral reactions to beauty in a work of art. More about Iris Scott