Filo Sofi Arts

is a contemporary art gallery run by Gabrielle Aruta..

In addition to being an art gallery, Filo Sofi Arts is a progressive education organization dedicated to the advancement of critical thinking, art appreciation, ethical decision making and philosophy for children and adults.

It encourages audiences and artists to come together as a community of inquirers into conscious experience. The gallery provides visitors with the opportunity to reconfigure consciousness through active engagement with works of art. Filo Sofi Arts is an inclusive endeavor that favors a diverse range of physical capability and encourages the elevation of experience beyond the mundane encounters of everyday life into the wonderment invited by the work of art. 

Info on booking a group or private philosophy for children/adults session: Email us at


Submissions: Please email images and information about your work. 


Internships:  The Filo Sofi Arts offers internships working closely with staff on all aspects of running and maintaining a contemporary art gallery. Internships generally require a commitment of three days per week for a minimum of three months. To apply please email cover letter and resume to with “Internship” in the subject line.



Opening hours:

By appointment


Phone: +1 917-524-7973